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Discussion in 'New Tank Builds' started by shawn13c, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    Well as some of you seen I was asking some questions about getting a nano for my first tank and after thinking about it and reading all the thoughts and opinions I decided to go ahead and go a different route. For a couple reasons one of them being it's small and not that if I failed with it i wouldnt get another. It was more that if it failed id have to spend more money to try again. Also bigger would be easier obviously. And mostly because I found a good deal on a big tank and its perfect for where I would want a display tank. So luckily I found a 90 gallon marineland corner drilled and got a couple goodies with it. I dont have pics of it yet but I will and ill keep this thread updated for all to see how it goes and to ask for advice on my first set up. Will post pics of it in the morning!
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  2. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    Awesome! I have always wanted a corner tank. There is so much you can do with the aquascape.
  3. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    Thats Another reason I got it. I think the aquascaping and designing where the coral will be is probably the best part about owning a salt tank. Itll take me forever to decide how I want the rock to be placed! Lol
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  4. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Can't wait to see it! I agree about aquascaping. It's what separates the good tanks from the spectacular many times. Too bad I suck at it! Gonna see if I can improve a little on the 155 reboot.
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  5. graciesdad

    graciesdad Treasurer Staff Member

    So glad you found the right tank for you! can't wait to see pics.
  6. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    Pictures arent the best lol I was in a hurry to get to work this morning. However the light is a t5 4 bulb with lunar leds and a timer so that's probably what im most happy about getting. Some of the goodies I got in the box are 2 refractometers, a tds gauge, heater, several different testing equipment for water parameters, and some droppers. Also he threw in just some metal halide lights which I dont have so I will have those extra. Actually found out from talking to the guy hes a member of the club and hes got some other stuff for sale at really decent prices. Right now my first plan is to get the tank thats behind it out of the way and get a picture in my head of how I want the cords and plumbing put in, how a wanna position the tank to the wall, and also to get the back painted black. Any suggestion on paint? Tank.jpg Tank2.jpg Tank3.jpg
  7. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    I agree. If I could get paid to scape tanks I would love that job. It is my favorite part.
  8. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    This was Colton's stuff right? He is a good dude. He and his wife used to buy coral from me.

  9. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    I'd show some pictures of my cichlid tank but it looks more like a 10 year old went the the pet store and picked decorations out. It's not the most natural look haha. However on this tank it will be a real reaf look.
  10. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    Yeah it was I met him last night to pick it up. Really nice guy and gave me a few tips while I was there. Deffinatly wish I was able to buy the other stuff he had. He has really good prices on the skimmer and ro/di system. He actually mentioned you and spoke highly of ya.
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  11. Kim

    Kim Secretary Staff Member


    Kewl! Can't wait to see what you do with the tank. Aquascaping isn't my thing either. I've just piled my rock into two pillers in mine, but it's for flow reason's more then anything.

    Kim/Benton ,AR
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  12. DCHarrington

    DCHarrington Vice President Staff Member

    This is what I use to paint my back glass IMG_20161029_121056.jpg
  13. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    This one is gunna be as most natural as it can be with some slight different things to give it some good looks. And on the paint thanks for tip ill pick some up soon.
  14. mhattenhauer

    mhattenhauer RRMAS Supporter

    I have the same tank! You are going to love it. Just remember the first few months the tank will go through so many changes you'll want to pull your hair out. It will settle down eventually. I had a jungle of hair algae at about the 2 month mark. Didn't think it would ever go away. Took a while but it went away. Good luck and welcome to the group!
  15. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    Thanks I think im gunna like it too. I looked at a couple 75s but im glad I waited for this one to pop up. Working on getting tanks moved around to make room for the saltwater tank to be in living room for display.

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  16. fattytwobyfour

    fattytwobyfour Grouper

    Following this thread. Good to have a fellow reefer in the area.
  17. fattytwobyfour

    fattytwobyfour Grouper

    I have always painted my back glass black. When I setup my newest tank, I painted the drywall behind the tank black. Some people like blue, but I think the black makes colors pop more in the tank.

    Also, if you like to take photos in your tank, go for a flat black. The gloss shines too much.
  18. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    Got a question for you guys while im waiting on getting equipment to finish assembly of tank. Sand choice? I personally like the look of the fine grain sand. To me it looks better however I dont want the pumps to blow it all around giving me bare spots. Has anyone ever combined to different grades. Like a certain amount of larger with another amount of smaller? I like the oolite but I would really dislike if it constantly blowed it around exposing glass. And also in the future I want a sand sifting goby will certain sand affect them being able to eat?
  19. fattytwobyfour

    fattytwobyfour Grouper

    I've used both small and larger sizes of sand. You for sure want to use a larger grain. I hated the small grains. No matter how you position your powerhead, it will constantly blow around.
  20. shawn13c

    shawn13c Plankton

    I just like the cleaner look of smaller grains but I don't want bare spots either. So what about the original grade ocean direct from caribsea.

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