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    Hello Razorback Reef members!

    The dust is finally starting to settle after MACNA and we are gearing up for our trip to the Aquatic Experience in Chicago. We made quite a "Buzz" in Denver and also on the Internet with the announcement of the G. personatus breeding program in Hawaii. LRS foods was involved with the program since January and if you have not heard about this amazing breakthrough for the hobby please check out these articles below. LRS Foods were used throughout the program for the brood stock and also as a non-live food for the juveniles. LRS foods are the only frozen foods with lab verified probiotic cultures added so for us to be chosen to sponsor this project was a huge endorsement to the quality of our blends.

    To see why LRS Foods are spreading like a wildfire though the reefing community please visit our updated website at and check out the testimonials and videos. A brief google search or a query on Reef Central or Reef2Reef will reveal why many folks in the hobby have switched to LRS. Fresher ingredients, ultra-rinsed, and enhanced diverse nutrition are just a few of the benefits users of our foods rave about.

    Would you open a pack of fish food and eat it? We DID and the video is on our website to show that only pure fresh seafood goes into our blends.

    Below are just a few of the articles posted about the Gp project.

    Reef Builders:

    Saltwater Smarts:


    This was the video which debuted at MACNA in our booth: [video=youtube_share;tIsmubstVgo][/video]




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