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    I have been kicking the idea around of starting a new tank. I really like the simplicity that would come from a species specific tank. My mixed reef is plugging along, but the constant challenges of balancing out each corals specific needs without killing off something else is draining my enjoyment right now. I think there was a member on here at one point that had a clown/new only tank and would love to get some insight on the process.

    I would like to start with a cube tank. Some type of rimless cube in the 40-75 gallon range. I would probably go with a T5 only set up. LED is nice but its too much tinkering and adjusting for my taste. I'm thinking no sand bed. Aquascaped minimally with lots of over hangs and holes/caves.

    I currently have a few rock flower nems that I would like to move over to the new setup with some different color morphs BTAs and maybe some mini carpet nems. Will mixing the different nems be an issue?

    I have a pair of black ocellaris clowns that I'd hate to part with. Is it possible in a tank in the 60 gallon range to have to different color morph clowns? BRS suggests getting all the clowns from the same clutch, but where am I going to find 10 or so from the same clutch? Ideally I'd keep Ebony and Ivory, and add a pair of maroon lighting clowns. Would using lighting grate to create a barrier between two halves of the tank initially allow each group to form a territory and reduce aggression? I'm not necessarily wanting a harem tank like BRS had just a nem tank with some clowns.

    So if anyone has a cube tank laying around they need to unload let me know.

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