Meeting minutes September 2016

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    September 2016 meeting Minutes
    Location: John Carroll's house, Cabot Arkansas

    Attendees: David Martin (Vice-President), Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasure), Trever Whittaker, David Hicks, Linda Hendrickson, John & Jennifer Carrol, Corey Rose, William Weir and Adam Golden, David & Leslie Harrington

    Old Business: None.

    New Business:
    1. Jason Todd to find the donation letter and get it to Linda Hendrickson.
    2. Discussed taking a road trip to TL reef's in Mountain Home.
    3. Informed members to start thinking about who to put up for nominations for officer positions at the November meeting.
    4. Get with Calvin to fix director's names on the website.
    5. Talked about getting a group together to go to MACNA in New Orleans next year.

    Coral of the Month: Red Acan.

    Next month's meeting to be at David & Leslie Harrington's house in Benton, AR
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    Since I was late getting the letter to Linda, I went ahead and distributed it out.

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