March 2017 Minutes

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    March 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: Aaron Porterfield, Lonoke AR

    Attendees: David Martin (membership Director), David Harrington (Vice President), Leslie Harrington, Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasurer), John Carroll (President), David and Heather Hicks, Natalie Madison, Rick Worrell, Aaron Porterfield, June Bennett, Cameron Clements, Chris Jones, Kevin Robbins, Renee Boldin, Jake Atkinson, June Bennett, David Hilllman and Jennifer Carroll

    Old Business:
    Frag fest. Decided that BBQ would be served at the event. David Hillman volunteered to cook. Raised price for frag fest for members to $50. Mentioned Kevin would be ordering from Genie so we had a variety of frags to purchase. Reminded board to bring the 20 gallon tank for the event as well as lights.

    New Business:
    1. Talked about when the next group buy with Bulk Reef Supply. Jason was going to get this set up.
    2. Talked about folks going in together to buy 4" magnetic scrubbers for $79.99.

    Coral for the event: Zoa's

    April Meeting, EVENT!!!! Frag Fest, Paradise Pets, Benton, AR
    May Meeting, road trip to Oklahoma for Coral's for Charity.

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