LRS "chunky" food is good enough to eat, and we do it!

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    At LRS we are devoted to producing the highest quality aquarium food on the market for optimal health of your aquarium inhabitants.

    Do you recall the video where we opened a pack of our "chunky" Fish Frenzy® blend and ate it on camera? Well if you missed it here is the link:
    (Be sure and pause the top video before starting the one at the bottom.)

    Well this weekend we made a limited run of Fish Frenzy® "chunky" blend for use by service companies and a couple stores who requested it.

    You can see how fresh the ingredients are as they literally pop off the screen. The whole Atlantic Krill is soaked in D. Salina which is a beta carotene rich micro-algae which is also rich in antioxidants and immunity boosters.



    To make a quality food you need to start with premium HUMAN food grade ingredients and not the less expensive "bait" quality seafood scraps. LRS blends all start with fresh caught scallop, shrimp, oysters, clams, perch, and other ingredients. These are untreated, restaurant quality seafood ingredients purchased directly from one of Carolina's largest seafood wholesalers. When we must source a frozen ingredient, such as squid, we seek ingredients which are NOT treated with phosphate rinses. Most supermarket seafood or frozen "seafood medley" mixes are treated with Sodium Tri-Phosphate additives to help the seafood retain water. You do not want to add STP to your aquarium.

    Due to the volume of seafood delivered to LRS our wholesalers are able to source us ingredients absent of any additives, which is known in the industry as "dry pack."

    We even go the extra mile with fresh shrimp which get delivered packed on ice twice a week. These shrimp are peeled by hand prior to being added to our blends. This important step assures that the phosphate rich exoskeletons and heads do not get added to our mix. This results in a much cleaner final product which assures that everything in the blend is consumed, instead of breaking down in the aquarium and spiking your nitrates and phosphates.



    Yes we even chop up Yellow Fin Tuna and wild caught ocean Perch for use in our blends, when most restaurants are serving this to their customers.


    There is something different about the aquarium food blends produced in the Carolinas, and that "difference" is why aquarium maintenance companies, retail stores and even aquaculture programs are switching to LRS foods at a rapid rate. The ease of use, diversity, freshness, cleanliness and feeding response is unmatched.

    To find the only frozen reef aquarium foods produced with lab verified beneficial probiotic bacteria check out and use the interactive map to find a dealer in your area. If you have no local dealer yet, send me a PM and we can fix that!

    Don't forget to "like" our Facebook page to be kept up to date about new releases, such as when our blends will be boosted with fresh saltwater fish eggs!

  2. ReefFrenzy

    ReefFrenzy Plankton

    Hey gang, as a new site sponsor can I get a little love. :eek:

    Doesn't anyone think the pics above look good enough to eat?...LOL

    LRS produces a ultra-premium reef food that has been named as a "first choice" food in aquaculture trials as far away as Hawaii. If you are looking for the ultimate, easy to feed food for your aquarium you really should check out

    We are aquarium foods evolved....

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    Love your products Larry. One question. My previous packages of LRS were white, but the ones available most recently are more of a peach color. Did something change in the product?
  4. ReefFrenzy

    ReefFrenzy Plankton

    Thanks for noticing and great question. A few months ago we notified all our dealers that we had begun using a 100% natural spray dried micro-algae called D. Salina as a food soak for a couple ingredients. This powder is rich in beta-carotene, antioxidants and immunity boosters. It currently costs nearly $100 per pound to source this additive. This algae is a standalone food for the aquaculture of shrimp, prawns, inverts and also as a food for culturing phytoplankton. It is currently used in many popular foods you likely already use as it is attributed to increased vibrance, health and fertility in aquarium fish. If you look above in the top pic you can see the orange soaked E. Superba Krill.

    The reason the standard LRS blends are now a little orange is because some of the Beta C leaches out of the ingredients and into the mix. It is perfectly fine to add it to your aquarium and it can only help feed any microfauna before it is skimmed out.

    I hope this answers your concern and thanks for supporting us with your purchase.


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  5. huntindoc

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    Cool, that sounds like a positive change. Thanks again for a great product!

    And thanks again for supporting RRMAS. We have got a bunch of guys feeding your foods now and expect a few more converts.
  6. ReefFrenzy

    ReefFrenzy Plankton

    That's awesome Doc! We just signed up Aquamedic USA as our midwest distributor and they sold out out of two coolers of food the day they landed. Once we get the food INTO PEOPLES HANDS it pretty much sells itself. Thanks for your communication and help spreading the word. BTW- I have a bunch of LRS caps and shirts left over from the trade show circuit I can sell for a little over cost. Send me an email at if anyone is interested.

    I only have royal and navy T Shirts and no beer glasses...everyone in these drinking clubs always wants the pint glasses....LOL I have both styles of hats, dog not included.


  7. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Email sent.
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    I won some of this at reef splash this year and so far im very happy with the results just wished someone closer to benton had this available
  9. ReefFrenzy

    ReefFrenzy Plankton

    Please feel free to send me a PM with your local store owners info and I will reach out to them. Thanks!

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