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    July 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: Fish Tank in Little Rock

    Attendees: Aaron, Michelle Weir, Will, David Harrington, Blackford, John Carrol, David Martin, Kim Ettleman, Jason Todd, Dave, Greg Johnson, Jared, Spike, Stooby, Frankenswine, Margaret, Kidsdad, Bluehero, Christie, Brandon Welb, Brian Loake, Fishbait, Double Orange, J. Jordan, Caren Clements. (if I slaughtered you're name sorry.)

    This was our second fragging/raffle event of the year. BBQ was provided by Fishbait. There were six corals to choose from, a purple challice, a hollywood stunner chalice, orange mushrooms, green leather, three colors of acro's and a several color's of zoa's. Everyone went home with at least 3 corals. Grand price was a gift certificate for $200 supplied by our host The Fish Tank

    August's meeting will be at Allan McGee's house in Hot Springs.

    Kim/Benton, AR
    75 gallon reef
    29 gallon Bio cube

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