January 2017 Minutes

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    January 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: Rick Warrell, Austin, AR

    Attendees: David Martin (membership Director), Bo Revak (Director at Large), David Harrington (Vice President), Leslie Harrington, Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasurer), John Carroll (President), David and Heather Hicks, Natalie Madison, Renee Bolden, Allan Candler, Cameron Clements, Corey Rose, Josh Paul, Jim Grant, D. Helton, Molli K., Tree Wildman, Justin Jordon and Adam Golden

    Old Business:
    1. Discussed going to TLC Reef again.
    2. Clarified due's. Family membership is $80 and regular membership is $50.
    3. Discussed getting an aptasia wand, club decided against this.

    New Business:
    1. Discussed increasing the coral budget to $200 monthly and $750 for event corals. Passed.
    2. Discussed purchasing a back up blade and belt for the club's saw.
    3. Discussed MACNA. We were offered a free table for being a non-profit organization. Event is August 25-27. Club decided against this. Didn't see a benefit to putting up a booth.
    4. Discussed what to do with the club shirts. We have mostly big sizes. Agreed to drop the price to $5.00. Limited sizes available.
    5. Corals for Charity event was brought up. Will be in Oklahoma May 20th. Rooms are $89 a night at the Holiday Inn.
    6. Talked about putting an event calendar on the site to make it easier for folks to find out what events are coming up.

    Coral for the event: Mummy eye Chalice.

    Next month's meeting: Bo Revak, Benton, AR

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