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    so I think I'm going to replace or upgrade my gyre. I currently have a 130 that I use with icecap on Apex. There is something wrong with my current gyre and either needs to be repaired or replaced. I'm not sure what to do so here are my thoughts.. I'm not crazy about the output from the vortech in this setup so I'd probably move it to the QT and turn it way down.

    -I can go cheaper and just get a 230 and use current power supply and icecap. (If I get the current repaired I can get extra icecap and run both off same power supply--I think!) (rated for up to 100 gal+)

    -I can get a 250, power supply and controller, icecap 150 and just run 1. (If I get current repaired I can run them both later) (rated for up to 800 gal +) (can add 2nd 250 later and run opposite from same power supply. I think I'd need a second icecap)

    What would you do? This particular thing I'm not sure I want to skimp on but I also don't necessarily want to go complete overkill.

    I have an 85 gallon low profile tank. Short, wide and 4' long. Mixed reef.
  2. Kim

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    Didn't you just by the Gyre or am I thinking of someone else?
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    It came with my tank purchase. From what I can tell it is the older model of the xf 230. I have several product boxes that he sent with us but no gyre box so no extra parts. :(

    And I think @Fishbait just bought a couple gyres.
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    I have the Tunze 6105 model for my 125. Actually, 2 of them. I like it. Flow is equally as important as lighting when it comes to coral health.
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    I recommend waiting until either a Wednesday or the Saturday of our Club buy on BRS. Both of those are 10x reward point days.
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    Well if I get a 230 I can get it on tbaquatics and get 7.5% off (just realized it doesn't apply to the gyres) then 12% rewards until tomorrow. But the 250 is on backorder. And I don't think they had the icecap 250. (I also thought I couldn't back order but today it will let me).

    I've also read conflicting info about power supply. It seems they don't come with power supply because it lists specifically what they come with but on the 230 it shows the specs for the power and the 250 it doesn't. But the packages list out everything.

    I haven't looked into the tunze nor have I really heard anything about it. I guess I'll go look it up now.

    And my original plan was to wait until next month to buy on 10x Wednesday but saw the sale when I searched. Actually found the sale when I searched for the Selco! So anyway..

    I'm also wondering, with the newer model gyre, will the controller connect to Apex like the vortech or do you still need the icecap?

    I'm leaning towards getting the 250 and a new icecap 150, then if I'm able to repair my 130 I'll have somewhere between the 100-800 gallon rating. Lol but if I am not able to or it's cost prohibitive, I'll probably just replace later with a 230 but the 250 would surely provide enough flow in the mean time.

    Right now I'm just running the jebao and vortech and I know it's a lot less than it was!

    Or maybe I could just get the 230 now, on sale, then get the 250 and icecap later next month and try to repair the 130 down the road.

    Man! I have such a hard time making decisions!
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  7. Not worth the money, IMO
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  8. Deton8it

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    The Gyre or Tunze? After seeing all the negative reviews lately I am glad the Icecap Gyre sold out before I could get one.
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  9. Gyre
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  10. LJC6780

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    I really like the movement I got from the one but not even knowing how old it is or how it was cared for I really can't say anything about it's life span. I think I'm going to get the gyre 250 but just get it from BRS and wait til 10x points day. That will give me more time to think about it too. I think if I had a tall skinny tank I could go with the smaller head but I fee like I need the wider flow with the wider tank.

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