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Discussion in 'Fragging' started by 501scionxb, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    Hey guys wanted to get input on frag disk sizes and what Yall think is too big or too small.
    The sizes I'm goin with are:
    1 1/4"
    1 1/2" or 2" for mother frag colony.
    I can get them made any size.
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  2. reefmann

    reefmann Guest

    1" is plenty big enough for normal applications. 2" is freak'n huge in the frag world, when I was searching for mine I went through this same question. 1"x1" is what I settled on with a possiblity that if there were by some chance a 2"x2" square there that I would pick them up as needed but I wasnt going to go activly searching for them. A 1" will hold just about everything you need and if its something like a monti that you are putting on it you could even double up on plugs without having to get a larger size top. Just put two side by side.
  3. monkeybone87

    monkeybone87 Administrator Staff Member

    IME, the smaller lighter discs and plugs are better for zoas, GSP, xenia, etc

    For the taller frags like acros and millis plugs are better because you have something to go down into the egg crate and keep them from falling all over and killing each other.

    For larger colonies, it's just a matter of how large it takes to balance the colony. 2" is pretty big, and should hold about anything that should be going on a disc/plug. If the coral is too big for that, you might wanna cut it up some more ( my personal preference :) ), or glue it to some rubble rock.
  4. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    You will have to see what I'm going to do when I come over to pick up my frag.

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  5. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    I forgot to mention these are special frag disks.;)

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  6. reefmann

    reefmann Guest

    I was doing some research the other day and found a guy that was using flower stem vials. They can be bought in different sizes and are fairly cheap. The cool thing about them is that you epoxy the coral on to the cap, fill the vial with a little sand and it will hold the frag in the egg create. Then when you are done growing out, sell, or want to place the frag into your tank then all you have to do is unsnap the cap from the vial and you have an instant base to adhere to your rock work.

    My grandmother used to work in a florist and these things are everywhere.... Thats how I reconized what they were. ( dont ask any more... LOL) but none the less its an interesting alternative and a very creative use for something that is made for something else. ... vials.html
  7. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Ain't it great when guys catch the "Frag Bug" ?
  8. reefmann

    reefmann Guest

    I think its GREAT that we are starting to get an influx of frags in the club. I am all for sharing and trading. Beats the hell out of paying retail price.. LOL
  9. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    Re: Re: Frag disk size

    Amen preach on brotha.

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