Calibrate your refractometer!

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  1. I finally installed my ATO on my reef this weekend. So I have been monitoring my salinity daily. I almost made a huge rookie mistake today. I came home from work and found my ATO had used 2 gallons of RODI just today so I grabbed my refractometer and my tank was reading a little low. I started wondering if the sensor had moved somehow and topped off to much water. And the it hit me like a hammer, I couldn’t remember the last time I had calibrated my refractometer. Maybe 2 or 3 months? So I grabbed the calibration fluid and for the first time in three years it actually was out of calibration. It was showing the exact same as my tank with the solution. I calibrated the refractometer, checked it a second time and then rechecked my tank. The tank salinity was spot on and I’m so glad I didn’t make any adjustments before checking.
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    Good tip! My first refractometer never got out of calibration for 2 years and then started needing to be calibrated every week or two. I bought a new one and it rarely varies from perfect calibration....but if you don't check you don't know!

    Barring a malfunction or a mistake you'll find your salinity to be rock solid with a good ATO.

    I'm currently using 16 gallons of top off water every 8 days this winter. It will be a lot less once warmer/more humid conditions get here.
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