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  1. TiffanyMarcum

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    Breaking down 180 gallon bowfront tank. Due to some changes in my health I can no longer care for it they way it deserves. Anyone who has seen my tank knows it is healthy and oroprosper. I'm simply doing this because I don't want my coral or fish to suffer any level of neglect. Coral and rock will be sold then fish then tank and equipment unless interested in the entire system.

    Will do my best to make an accurate list of inhabitants.

    4 rainbow bubble tip anenomes 2 large 8+" $60 2 small 3-4" $30
    3 carpet anenomes 4"red $15 5" green $15 8" brown/purple/green tipped $25
    Xlarge neon green super bright leather tree $75
    Rock of assorted zoa's/palys well over 100 $125
    Purple&indigo mushtooms, rock full of them $40
    Xxlarge branching neon green star $175
    Long polyo green leather $30
    Small 3" devels hand $20
    Pavona cactus ??? Red/purple $50
    3 neon red mushrooms $10each
    A few 20-50 head neon green paly clusters $20 each
    And a few other random things growing around. Be aware some of these colonies will come with the rock they are on.

    Well establusted pod colonies as well as brittle stars in all rocks.

    Now for the fish.

    Yellow Tang 4-5" $80
    Powder brown Tang 4-5" 90
    Fat 6" lawnmower blenny $50
    Fairy wrasse 5-6" $50
    Melanurus wrasse 5-6 $60
    Black leopard wrasse 3" $30
    6line wrasse $20
    Coral beauty 4" $30
    Scooter blenny $20
    Mandarin/dragonette $30
    3 fire shrimp $60 for all
    Xlarge coral banded shrimp $30
    2 purple Dotty backs bonded and spawning $80
    Mated pair of clarki clowns spawn every 10 days will require you to also take their home a very large carpet anenome $100 for the set

    Located near hot springs. Really hate to see it go and not going to give it away.

    870-796-0468 for any questions or more pics

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  2. Trevor

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    I’m interested in the following:

    Purple&indigo mushtooms, rock full of them $40. I’m the most interested in these mushrooms.

    Xxlarge branching neon green star $75
    Long polyo green leather $30
    Small 3" devels hand $20

    Could you post or text more pics?

  3. TiffanyMarcum

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    I do apologise there was a typo in my post regarding the branching neon star polyp. It is a very large colony. Price should read $175. I have fixed it in the post I'd be happy to text you more pictures.
  4. huntindoc

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    What type of fairy wrasse? Picture?
  5. TiffanyMarcum

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    Was sold as a blue headed fairy wrasse but it has a pink head. This is actually an older picture but it's a hard fish to catch out and still long enough to photograph. So it's quite a bit larger now.

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  6. huntindoc

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    C. cf cyanopleura. Beautiful wrasse, if I didn't have one closely related to it right now I would take him off your hands.
  7. CaBrowne

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    Do you still have this? What kind of coral do you have left?

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