Big Al's 230 Reef in Hot Springs

Discussion in 'New Tank Builds' started by doubleorange, Jun 10, 2015.

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    That is awesome. Where do you get your raw materials for your acrylic fabrication?
  2. doubleorange

    doubleorange Plankton

    Last batch was from Eplastics online and I got some stuff cut to order for the sump. I've also gotten some acrylic rods off Amazon.
  3. doubleorange

    doubleorange Plankton

    Updated Pics of Tank

    Here are a few updated shots of the tank.


    Teeny weeny SPS frags. Now we wait...

    Fish are obviously hungry because they are all following the camera!
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  4. doubleorange

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    Macro Tank

    Here's the decorative macro tank. I don't know how long I will want to maintain this but I have wanted to do this for several years. The best looking one I got from Deton8it at the last meeting (red one, front right)! Thanks John!

    I can't wait till it grows out some. Still not sure about the light but we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks. Might be a good place for some seahorses in the future... hmmm....

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  5. doubleorange

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    Rapid Water Change System

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to outline the Rapid Water Change System:

    In the fish room are two 80 gallon reservoirs. One reservoir is an “active” tank which is part of the total aquarium system volume of approx 380 gallons. This has the effect of expanding the total water volume of the system thereby diluting pollutants and organics and supporting improved water quality and stability of conditions. Water is always being pumped into this reservoir and then spilling back to the sump. The second 80 gallon reservoir serves as a mixing tank. The two tanks change roles when a 3-way valve is switched during a water change. Both tanks contain a 200-watt heater and 500-4,000 gph variable mixing pump. Both tanks can be drained directly to sewer by means of a 700 gph external pump. The level of 75 gallons (out of 80) was selected to be 20% of the 380 gallon system for water changes.


    The three way valve is over the two reservoirs. If the mixing reservoir is ready, you simply turn the 3-way valve 90 degrees and then open the output of the reservoir to do a water change. That's it. 75 gallons of dirty water has been isolated and 75 gallons of new salt water has replaced it in a couple of seconds. The dirty water can be pumped out at leisure.

    3-way valve

    The two valves in the middle are the output valves. I keep one always open and one always closed. The system would work without these but they are there as a precaution to keep the mixing tank from entering the system. The pipe just above the valve on the left is an emergency overflow that goes straight to sewer. Both 80 gallon tanks and the sump have this emergency overflow feature.

    Output Valves

    Near the floor are two more valves for emptying the dirty water to the pump inlet and then to sewer. The pumps and heaters are manually activated by flipping switches on the power strip. I debated putting this on the Apex controller but decided to be manual on this. I do plan to add two switches on the wall that will fill either reservoir automatically via Apex and will shut off automatically when the high limit is reached. I can already fill them via Apex software now and they have protections of manual float valves, high limit switches, emergency overflow and fail to OFF when power is lost.
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    So as I understand it the two 80 gallon tanks are interchangable. One serves as an "auxillary sump" so to speak and the other is a mixing station. Your valve just determines which one is in line with your system? So after a water change the active one becomes the mixing tank for the next water change? Awesome idea! Never read anyone doing that before.

    The tank looks great. The color on the SPS looks great!
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  7. doubleorange

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    You have it exactly right David. The 3-way valve switches between tank A and B. At each water change the tanks switch roles between "active" and "mixing" when the 3-way is turned.
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  8. Very interesting and clever!! Nice tank shots as well!!!
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  9. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    You are welcome. I have a lot of halimeda too if you need some.
  10. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    I may have a piece of Gracillaria and I know I have some other red stuff. The other red stuff is similar to Fauchea but only red. I use it as nutrient export. It doesn't grow in the display because the Tangs eat it. It does grow in my overflows and sump though. Remind me before next meeting and I will try to remember to get you some.
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  11. doubleorange

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    That would be great! Would love to have a couple more varieties of macro.
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    Wow I love this set up! Yes I just happen to see this. I could stare at it all day long.

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  13. doubleorange

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    Thx 21! :)
  14. doubleorange

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    New Tank Modifications

    Hi Everyone,

    Installed a couple of things... Here are gas struts to balance the heavy and awkward 8 foot long canopy door.
    1_Gas Spring.JPG

    Also installed a push button for feeding mode. This is especially handy for tank sitters who are not so familiar with the controller or those who are a bit technologically challenged.
    2_Feed Button.JPG
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  15. doubleorange

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    Starfish Hot Tub

    I was amused by this photo. The blue linckia starfish looks like it is relaxing in a hot tub with its legs hanging out.

    3_Starfish Hot Tub.jpg
  16. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

    Wow! This tank is one of my favorite tanks. I love how detailed and clean everything is.

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  17. huntindoc

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    Great additions Corey! I love the Linkia too!

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  18. doubleorange

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    Thanks gents!
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    Banggaii Cardinalfish Fry - It's a boy! or girl!

    Have a look at the newest livestock addition to BART (Big Al's Reef Tank). This little fry guy just showed up in the macroalgae tank and is a spawn of our Banggaii pair. What's amazing is that the parents are in the main display so he had to travel around filter socks, dodge the protein skimmer and then survive going through a pump into the macroalgae tank.

    Can you see him? His body is only a quarter of an inch. Look left of the cap.

    A little closer shot.
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  20. huntindoc

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    That is awesome, cute little guy

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