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  1. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    Welcome to RRMAS
  2. gregnlr

    gregnlr Grouper

    Sweet Air Water Ice is now a sponsor, please join me in a hardy welcome.
  3. mdhicks0

    mdhicks0 RRMAS Supporter

    Welcome to RRMAS Air Water Ice!!! Glad to have you as a sponsor!
  4. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    Thanks for your sponsorship of our club!
  5. airwaterice

    airwaterice Guest

    Thanks everyone! We will be posting from time to time and answering any questions you might have about RODI units, Filters, membranes, pumps, low pressure, no water... You name it, if it has to do with an RODI unit, we'll have an answer for you!

    Air Water & Ice

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