Two shipments today!

Discussion in 'THE FISH TANK - Little Rock, AR' started by TFTank, Apr 30, 2015.

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    TFTank Plankton

    We got not one, but TWO shipments today, and they're both sweeeet! Plus you have to come in and see if you can find my Flaming Prawn Goby.
    Here we go:
    Black Cap Basslets
    Pearly Jawfish
    Potters Angel
    Lemon Butterfly
    Orange Spot Rabbit
    Male and Female Solarensis Wrasse
    Baby Orange Shoulder Tang
    Black and White Heniochus
    Cuban Hog
    Harlequin Tusk
    Bar Gobies
    Scissortail Gobies
    Flame Angels
    Lots of new coral!
    Sweet Zoa rocks
    A really nice Flowerpot
    Green Cabbage rock with a sea squirt
    Yellow Figi Leather
    Nifty squiggly Trachy
    And more, more, more!

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