Fire in the Fish Tank's building!

Discussion in 'THE FISH TANK - Little Rock, AR' started by whippetguy, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. whippetguy

    whippetguy Super Moderator

    Just heard that there is currently a fire being put out in the building where The Fish Tank is located. If there is anything you guys need, please let the group know.
  2. Kim

    Kim Secretary Staff Member

    Fire at the Fish Tank


    Hey, you guys okay? Let us know!!!!

    Kim/Benton, AR
  3. gregnlr

    gregnlr Grouper

    Went by The Fish Tank today; they are fine. Please continue to support one of our sponsors.
  4. Kim

    Kim Secretary Staff Member


    Good to know!!!

    Kim/Benton, AR

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