Exciting News!!!!

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  1. thefish_tank

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    BIG NEWS!!!!

    The Fish Tank is now doing freshwater discus and cichlids (and a few select others!)!

    We're in the process of planning out a big construction project to give us room for our new swimming friends (and their accessories and chemicals) so if you have any special requests for fish, come in and talk to us and we'll get them on our next order.

    ALSO, we're now doing maintenance for freshwater and koi ponds. Due to some recent requests from several customers we've decided to expand our business to help our customers who have fresh and saltwater tanks have a friendly one stop shopping experience. Thanks for your patience during this exciting new venture!
  2. gregnlr

    gregnlr Grouper

    That's AWESOME, I think you should expand into pond as well, Oh wait you already do the best KOI outside Japan. Now if you could do some classes
  3. tinkereef

    tinkereef Guest

    Haha! Don't tempt us Greg!
  4. whippetguy

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    Excellent news!

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