240 leaker

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  1. thefish_tank

    thefish_tank Guest

    We have more tanks coming in very soon and need to get this one gone, remember it is a leaker but for some brave soul it is one whale of a deal. The tank, stand and canopy for 2 long wheel base 10's .... also known as 200 bucks [​IMG] would also make a heck of a reptile terrarium.
  2. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Might be good for Whitney's monitors !!!!
  3. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    it was a typo Norm i meant monti and the phone filled in monitor for some odd reason.
  4. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    I know, just had to!!!!
  5. reefmann

    reefmann Guest

    Yeah man.. You will forever be known as the monitor raiser...LOL
  6. 501scionxb

    501scionxb Moderator

    Lol ok guys I see how it is.

    raffle grabber

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