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Discussion in 'Marine Fish' started by CaBrowne, Mar 15, 2020.

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    Screenshot_20200315-133202_Chrome.jpg Hey everyone, looking at trying to find a yellow & purple wrasse, heard from several people that they are great against the smaller vermitid snails. Anyone have any experience with them in a reef tank? I think they are also called a four spot. I currently have a melanurus juv, a Carpenters flasher wrasse juv, small sailfin Tang, Coral beauty, wheelers goby, and two clowns in a 125.
    Pic for reference.
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    Doc is the one with the answer to this
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    H. leucoxanthus is pretty much the same fish as H. chrysus (yellow wrasse). I think the chrysus is prettier. They won't do a thing for vermitid snails, don't know of any fish that will. The only thing I know of that eats them is Bumble Bee snails and you have to be careful because they are carnivorous and once they eliminate the vermitids they will eat other snails, clams, etc.

    I've had vermitids in every tank I've had and they have always run their course. Have some in my nano right now. You can put a dab of super glue on the opening of their tube. I take hemostats and crush them as near the base of their tube as I can. They don't hurt anything other than their mucous nets irritating corals. Usually only see those if I stir up the sand bed or otherwise cause small particles to be suspended in the water.
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    Do you think I could have one of those with the stocking I've got? I want to get other wrasses of different colors but don't know what ones will get along.
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    Absolutely! Either of those would get along with your present stocking.

    Here's a couple of links to help with wrasse stocking decisions. This first one pertains to fairy wrasses and contains a chart which outlines recommended tank sizes and breaks them down by complexes. It's recommended not to have multiple fish in the same complex except in really large tanks. The second link talks about wrasses in general. It also talks about the most of the commonly available ones in each genus and something about their aggressiveness/passiveness.

    Look around and see what wrasses appeal to you and come back with questions if their are any.
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    Ok thanks a bunch!

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