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Discussion in 'Product Review' started by portereef, Oct 6, 2019.

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    Hey everyone I figured I would start a thread on the new Kalkwasser reactor that I just picked up from Two little fishies! It is the KW Reactor 300, it was 85 bucks from Bulk Reef Supply. I will post a couple pictures soon on what it looks like on my tank and how it works. So far it works great. I have it on the Frag tank to help keep alkalinity levels at a more stable level. Cross your fingers I figured for the price I could at least try it out. More to come!
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  2. Nice, interested in how this works
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    Update** I have been using this reactor and I can tell you all some updates on what I think. For me and it being placed on the frag tank which isn't crowded yet with sps frags that require higher alk demand. SO I have had to lower the amount of kalk I was using in the reactor just because the demand isn't there just yet. I will say that is the downside of this reactor that you have to do a little more measuring and monitoring since kalk is being dosed every time the ATO kicks on. In a SPS tank this is no issue since the corals are taking the extra alk and using it to grow. I will say that it is nice that it in just powered by the water movement from the ATO pump, which warning you will need a pump that is pretty strong and not a slow low pressure pump. Overall I can't complain about this reactor it does what it needs to do and for the price its worth it. I think for most people Kalk is a great way to provide both ALK and Ca without having to setup the dosing pumps and separate jugs with your 2 part.

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