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    Hello Razorback Reefers!

    It took me a couple days but I wanted to introduce our company to the group and let you know what makes LRS foods different than the rest. First off, we are a family of reefers who are passionate about the hobby with six saltwater systems in our home. I originally began to make food for ourselves and gave the extra to the local fish store to use up. Soon a few folks asked for some of the leftovers and word began to spread about the feeding response generated from the fresh Carolina seafood. Over the next year the blends were critiqued, perfected, analyzed by marine biologists, and tested/registered in accordance with the NC. Dept of Agriculture.

    What began as a part time endeavor ended up requiring both my wife and I to leave our careers in law enforcement and nursing and produce fish food full time. We now have nearly 200 retail stores, service companies and hatcheries using our foods. Our dealer map is growing on a daily basis, and this week we signed Aqua Medic in Colorado as our midwest distributor.


    You can read the entire story about our growth on our blog where there are pictures as well:

    So what makes Reef Frenzy different than other foods?

    Superior quality and freshness from Carolina sourced seafood such as scallop, shrimp, clams, oysters, ocean perch. These ingredients are never treated in the common Sodium Tri-phosphate chemicals most grocery store seafood is packed in. This is what our raw ingredients look like, as seen when we were making our "chunky" Fish Frenzy blend.


    We hand peel each shrimp and discard the heads and exoskeletons where most manufacturers do not. All living organisms contain a certain amount of natural phosphorous, and generally it is found in the highest concentrations in the bones and exoskeleton. Grinding up shrimp shells and adding them to your aquarium typically results in these items not being consumed and simply deteriorating your water quality. LRS Foods have been praised on many of the popular web forums as being so clean they improve water quality, reduce cyano, and other problematic algae problems.

    LRS rinses and strains all our ingredients so that when our foods are fed the water stays clear and does not cloud as with many cube and sheet foods on the market.

    This video is a perfect example of how our foods look when thawed in water and added to the tank with no rinsing required:

    LRS provides diverse nutrition in one simple to feed generous 8 ounce package. In addition to the fresh seafood we boost our blends with mysis, E. Pacifica krill, oyster eggs, rotifers, phyto, ascorbic acid, fatty acids, etc. This means you can avoid cramming your freezer with 4-5 packs of food and likely save some money at the same time.

    Only LRS adds lab verified counts of beneficial probiotics to frozen food. What does this mean for the fish? Probiotics have been used in aquaculture for over a decade to improve fish health, immunity, metabolism, and aid in fending off pathogens and disease. There is an entire page on our website devoted to this, including a link to a recent article from Advanced Aquarist. We have been using probiotics for over a year and the lab tests are posted on our website showing the bacteria goes dormant in the freezer, but after storage and thawing it still remains "active."

    LRS foods have gained praise from many well respected folks in the hobby as being THE food recommended for finicky eaters. Our foods have the ability to get fish eating faster and are the chosen diet for our distributor in Florida as well as discerning collectors like "Humaguy" on Reef Central who has roughly $80k worth of exotic fish. Some are pictured in this thread:

    LRS also boosts our food with 100% natural D. Salina micro-algae, which is standardized for beta carotene. This additive is very costly, but is used in aquarium foods to boost coloration, immunity and health of fish. That is why the krill above looks orange, due to the D. Salina food soak.

    To learn more about LRS food blends please take a moment to visit and check out the testimonials, and media gallery. If you have no local source for LRS as indicated on our searchable dealer map, send us an email and we can tailor a quote. If you are in the two day ground Fed Ex zone shipping can often be as little as $14, which includes dry ice and a new foam cooler!

    Please don't ever hesitate to call with questions and thanks for reading this!


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