Some of the Easiest Frags to Grow

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  1. Just thought I would make a comment about the easiest frags that I have propagated and see what everyone else has found to be easy.

    1) Stylophora - The number one all time easiest has to be Sytylophora - I have seen it grow in next to no light and high light. In fact one of the stated requirements at the Central OK Marine Aquarium Soc. is that participants must bring a coral for their raffle with one exception "NO STYLOPHORA". This is because it is so easy to grow. Oddly enough you do not see much of this coral in peoples tanks, probably becasue it is so deadly and territorial. It frags very well and as long as their is some tissue on the coral after fragging it will grow.

    2) Frogspawn/Branching Hammer - these large polyp stoney corals have to be high on the list because to frag them you just break off a piece, their is no tearing of tissue at all and the coral stem can be easily mounted just about anywhere. They take a variety of flows but you have to be careful with to much because the polyps will not extend with direct flow.

    3) Umbrella Leather - The donut method where you cut out around the stalk leaving the stalk to regrow and the ability to cut up the donut makes this coral top of the list for a soft coral on the list. The problem with fragging a leather is that getting them to attach can be a bit difficult. Tieing them down and rubber bands will melt the tissue within a couple of days and the frag becomes two foating around your aquarium. The best that I have found for attaching them is to place them in a low flow are surrounded by a pvc ring and allow gravity to hold it down and it will eventually attatch to rubble over about a week.

    4) Montipora Cap - not easy by any means but of the small polyp stony corals it is easier than most. Sps corals are much finickier about their conditions but once you have them down they will grow like crazy. You have to love the merid of colors that they come in - orange, green, red, green w/ blue polyps, purple - you name it. These corals do slime easily when fragged so you have to be sure to have a seperate container for each frag as a single bowl will become complete slime in no time.

    5) Mushrooms/zooanthids - These corals are on my list because their really is no propagation to them. The self propagate and all that is required is slicing them off a rock with a razor and putting it somewhere else. Just be careful with zooanthids as some can have neuro toxins in them.

    So this is my list - let me know what your list is.
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  2. ibassfsh

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    I personally do not like messing with leathers and mushrooms. They don't seem to adhere well to anything after they are cut. Unless they are in a low flow area for a long time.

    Zoanthids have been hard for me also. I usually just break the rock they are on. Some people are good at peeling them off of their attached rock. Not me, not that I am affraid of the toxic stuff they put out. I am just not that patient or good at it. Zoanthids are some of my favorite corals though.

    SPS of any sort are really easy to mount. This is my favorite to date!!

    I have no experience yet with fragging LPS.
  3. fishermann

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    Leathers are not easy but super glue works, but like Ralph says they have to be kept in low water flow, and cut the donut ring into pie shaped pieces and glue the tip or rubber band, but loosely, I have not done so personally but know people that have. Mushrooms are easiest in that you can chop any part up and sg on a rock and you can't get it not to grow. Most sps you just cut off and sg to rock, sps just requires better tank conditions including water. lps are for the most part break and let grow back. cheers
  4. warner2729

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    When it comes to "ease" of fragging you can't forget these:

    • Xenia[/*:m:14sejwom]
    • Clove Polys[/*:m:14sejwom]
    • Kenya Trees[/*:m:14sejwom]
    These are just the three that I thought of right off the top of my head. Kenya Trees also seemed to be VERY prolific little creatures.
  5. Sharla1234

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    Zooanthids, Button Polyps, and Mushrooms for me are easiest with patience. I usually just place a small piece of rubble, rock, or turbo snail shell near a colony. Within a few weeks, they will jump off and onto the rock and I'll have a new frag for my nano reef.
    I've also fragged Anchor/Hammer.
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  6. ibassfsh

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    Thats no fun!! LOL

    You need to be able to break or cut something to make a frag!! Just kidding whatever works is the best way for you.
  7. cindyk18

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    would like some of your frags of your sps frags if you have any for our new 240 tank we have going now you can pm thanks cindy koplen

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