September Meeting Minutes

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    September 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: Kim Ettleman in Hot Springs, AR

    Attendees: John Carroll (President), David Hicks(Vice President) David Martin (Activities Director) Bo Revak (Director at Large) Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasurer), Christi Jones, Cameron Clements, David Petit

    Meeting centered around the hostess's tank. After testing water it was discovered nitrates were over 100. It was interesting to see that corals could actually survive in this situation. Hostess had a large die off of fish in June when she was on vacation. Corals that were still alive in the tank were mushrooms, zoa's, chalices, and a few other softies and LPS. The major loss of corals were in 97% of here SPS's.

    Coral of the month were zoa's and a Favia.

    October meeting will be at Jason Spencer's house in Hot Springs

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