Seahorse tank

Discussion in 'New Tank Builds' started by mhattenhauer, May 3, 2018.

  1. mhattenhauer

    mhattenhauer RRMAS Supporter

    0DA74CED-2FA5-451B-8674-AAEBD8E7506B.jpeg my new tank came in today! Time to get it up and running. Going to be a dedicated seahorse tank. Biocube 32.
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  2. mhattenhauer

    mhattenhauer RRMAS Supporter

    Getting ready for water.
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  3. Deton8it

    Deton8it President Staff Member

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  4. cameronkclements

    cameronkclements Active Member

    Nice, can’t wait to see how this progresses.
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  5. mhattenhauer

    mhattenhauer RRMAS Supporter

    tank is just about ready for the horses!

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