Reef Splash 2010

Discussion in 'Director at Large' started by fisher12, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Sam and I met with Kevin at Paradise Pets today and finalized the plans for our event July 17th.
    More details to follow as plans are confirmed. Make your plans to attend as this will be our best and largest to date.
  2. bigben7

    bigben7 Blenny

    I advertised our event on all of the free community calendars that I know of, including: Channels 4, 7, 11 and 16, Dem-Gazette, SYNC, Craig's List, ebay. If anyone knows of any others, let me know.

    As for now, running any sizable ad in the Dem-Gazette is going to be a bit too expensive. Maybe if we do a bigger event, it would be more worthwhile.
  3. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Thanks for your time with this Ben. I hope this will be as successful as most of our events are working out to be. Everyone come hear Scott Fellman and join us in our always popular frag workshop.
  4. Saw this on channel 7 website today - nice ! Good work !!!

    Reef Splash 2010
    Saturday 7/17/10
    Razorback Reef Marine Aquarium Society and Paradise Pets are hosting Reef Splash on July 17th starting at 10:00 AM. This event is a fun day that includes informational lectures, lunch, a frag workshop, and a raffle. Free lectures include two lectures from featured speaker, Scott Fellman, of Los Angeles California, one on biotope aquariums, and the other on aquascaping. There will also be a voluntary hands on coral propagation workshop. Participation in the workshop, costs $35 for members and $45 for non- reef club members which covers the cost of the 3 coral frags that each participant will take home.
    Finally, there will be raffles with some awesome prizes including, a nano tank, along with many other reef aquarium related items. Lunch will be provided, free of charge. For more information go to portal.php

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