Reef Frenzy with fish eggs?!?!?

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    So how do you take a food that has been named the "First choice" food for aquaculture in a recent Hawaii program ( ) and make it even better?

    How about by adding freshly harvested fish eggs, which are unmolested, and not dyed and processed like the stuff at the Asia grocery. We have relationships with boat captains who catch fish daily, clean them and save the intact sack of eggs for us on ice. We get this stuff so fresh it doesn't even smell like fish!

    We received a little teaser of a few sacs of roe since the boats are not in full swing harvest yet. Check out this little video dropping 1/4 teaspoon of eggs into my LFS tank while we did some R&D.

    I would suspect that mandarins, pipefish, scooter blennies and sea horses will find LRS even more appealing with roe added. Although this video will be very,hard to trump as far as a feeding video is concerned, if you wanna see 15+ species, including sea horses chowing down on LRS Click here:

    Now for tonight's video:

    LRS Fish Eggs testing

    As we experiment with yet another industry first for an "all in one" food blend, we will let you know when egg boosted LRS Foods start shipping.

    We are also pleased to announce that after the strong support shown by our fans at Reef A Palooza in Florida, Sea Dwelling Creatures will be offering distribution of LRS for the west coast!

    We thank our fans four our explosive growth and especially our Facebook friends who post daily comments!

    You can follow us at and if you are attending MACNA in Denver look for our booth!

    Thanks as always!


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