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  1. Hammerhead

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    Selling equipment from my old tank setup that I intended to use for a new tank, but its not going to happen now. Taking realistic offers on separate pieces or package deals if needed

    I have an SWC 250A skimmer including the Askoll pump used for 1 year. The Askoll pulls a ton on air and is fairly large The 250 has a huge mouth and still have original box and packing it comes in. Skimmer is big, but will just fit in a 30 gallon sump. Good for 300-500 gallons depending on load

    Redsea Wave maker box

    2, Icecap 660 electronic ballasts with Icecap electronic timers

    2, 400 watt electronic ballasts used for Halides

    Bubble Magus 3 head dosing pump. This unit will likely need new rubber tubing installed due to sitting up a while.
    I may have more items that I am forgetting

    I stand by everything I sell. Your satisfaction or your money back.

    All equipment fro sale used in Reef pictured below

    Im in Conway

    Thank you Razorback Reef

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  2. Christopher Hill

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    How much for ur dosing pumps?

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