October 2016 Meeting Minutes.

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    October 2016 meeting Minutes
    Location: David and Leslie Harrington's house, Benton, AR

    Attendees: David Martin (Vice-President), Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasure), David & Heather Hicks, John & Jennifer Carroll, David & Leslie Harrington, Bo Revak, David Hillman (NEW MEMBER!!), Adam Golden

    Old Business: None

    New Business: Board members met before this meeting to discuss issues. They were brought before the attending membership.
    1. A thread was to be created under the member's only forum to elect officer's for next year. Those elected are given the chance to decline if they desire. Please take the time to review this and respond to this thread.
    2. Discussed how to raise money for the club. The membership hasn't been raised since the start of the club. Coral prices have been increasing and we may run into an issue next year in supplying corals every month. Talked about raising dues, cutting corals to every other month, and holding more events.
    3. Talked about getting the main paged changed to show the upcoming meetings/events. Also talked about removing the home page and just posting the the meeting info to the forum.
    4. Talked about getting the coding/procedure to change the home page to reflect the meetings in a timely manner.

    Coral for this month was a Duncan

    Next month's meeting to be at our sponsor's place The Fish Bowl in Searcy!!!! This will be our annual event called Reef Fest!!!

    December's meeting is tentatively at David Martin's house in Conway. This will be our annual Dirty Santa Christmas Party. Bring a wrapped gift no more then $20 that is related to our hobby and we'll fight over them. Coral's, food, supplements and gift certificate's are some examples of things to gift.
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