November meeting minutes

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    November 2016 meeting Minutes
    Location: Fish Bowl, Searcy, AR

    Attendees: List is with Jason Todd has this list. There were several new members that signed up for this event.

    Old Business:

    1. Reminder of club leadership election.
    2. Discussed going to TL's reef in Mountain Home.
    3. Increase in Dues...this was voted on and approved to raise dues to $50 a year. This was so we could continue to offer corals every month.

    New Business:
    1. REEF FEST was this month! Jack was generous to give us a 29 bio cube with LED lighting for the raffle. Allen once again took home the grand prize. We also had, triton kits, fish food, gift certificates, an 8 gallon, and other items for the raffle.

    Corals for the event: Acans, war coral, chalices, zoathids, and a Tongue coral.

    Next month's meeting to be at David Martin's house in Conway! This will be our annual dirty Santa Christmas party! Prepare to have lots of fun!

    Kim/Benton, AR
    75 gallon reef
    29 gallon Bio cube

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