Meeting minutes for August 2016

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    August 2016 meeting Minutes
    Location: David Martin's house, Conway AR

    Attendees: David Martin (Vice-President), Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasure), David & Heather Hicks, Aaron Porterfield, Michael Hattenhower, Linda Hendrixson, John & Jennifer Carrol, Victor Poroshine, Molli Kvammer, Bohdan Revak, Leesa Gilmer (guest), Nick Dugger (guest), Keith Moore (NEW MEMBER!!!), Jose Perez (guest)

    Old Business:

    Confirmed that David Petit would be leaving the club.

    New Business: (Notes are lost, going off memory, please step in and comment if I've forgotten something)
    1. Folks were reminded that elections were coming up and to start to think about who they want to have as officer's. We will NEED a candidate to take over David Petit's position.
    2. Discussed what it might take to hold a frag event.
    3. Talked about auction sites and how to win.
    4. Discussed how to make sure that you're actually getting what you think you are and that the pictures haven't been photo shopped.
    5. Examined a new frag rack transportation system. John Carrol purchased it and brought it for show and tell.

    Coral for this month was the choice of an monti and zoa's. BONUS!!!! David Martin was tearing his tank down to move, he allowed a raffle type drawing for members to choose a coral out of his tank.

    Next month's meeting to be at John Carrol's house...DATE MOVED TO SEPTEMBER 24TH
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