Meeting Minutes, December 2016

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    December 2016 meeting Minutes
    Location: David Martin's house, Conway

    Attendees: David Martin (membership Director), David Hicks (Activities Director), Victor Poroshine, Bo Revak (Director at Large), William Weir, Michael Hattenheur, David Harrington (Vice President), Leslie Harrington, Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Teresa Wildmon, Cameron Clements, Molli K, David Petit, Jason Todd (Treasurer), Thomas Ross, Jim Grant, Justin Jorson, Adam Golden, Corey Rose, John Carroll (President), Jennifer Carol. Also, there was five new members, I'm sorry, I left that list at David's house.

    Old Business:


    New Business:

    Introduction of new board members.
    President, John Carroll
    Vice President, David Harrington
    Treasurer, Jason Todd
    Secretary, Kim Ettleman
    Membership Director, David Martin
    Activities Director, Victor Poroshine
    Director at Large, Bo Revak

    This was our annual dirty Santa party!!! We had a great turn out!!! Lots of stealing towards the end and plenty of food to eat. New members went into a separate drawing for bonus corals.

    Two corals ended up in the wrong piles. The red Acan and the cup with the mushroom and birds nest were misplaced. These belong to other members.

    Corals for the event: A beautiful milli.

    Next month's meeting TBD.

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