LRS is on Bulk Reef TV and we see a custom tank in a walk in Shower?!?!

Discussion in 'Larry's Frenzy Foods' started by ReefFrenzy, Aug 16, 2014.

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    A few weeks ago we traveled to Ohio to visit with our friends who own Aquarium Artisans. They are an aquarium installation firm which specializes in custom and unique projects. Ryan and the BRS film crew were on location filming a couple of the aquariums installed by AA. One of the aquariums is dead center in the middle of a walk in shower and is a must see at the end of the video!

    Aquarium Artisans provides LRS Frenzy foods to all their clients on a bi-weekly basis and we were grateful to get a shout out in the video.

    Many thanks to all involved and it was a great weekend hanging out with the crew from BRS and Aquarium Artisans!

    Get ready for MACNA in less than 2 weeks!!




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