Lethargic Lyretail???

Discussion in 'Marine Fish' started by RSC, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. RSC

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    A couple of weeks ago I introduced a Fairy Wrasse and a Lawnmower blenny into my 55 gal tank, after quarantine. Around day three my Lyretail Anthias is hiding out and quit coming out to eat, find him with one torn fin and the Fairytale with one Popeye....... I pulled both out and back to quarantine......treat with Rally to help with stress, Two weeks later still one Popeye and Lyretail still lethargic and stays on bottom of tank and refusing to eat today maybe some slimcoat issues.?.....What treatment would you suggest?
  2. huntindoc

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    Can you see anything on either fish? Popeye is usually either trauma or bacterial. Could try Metroplex since you have them in QT.

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