Keeping my finger leather frag glued down

Discussion in 'Fragging' started by wlyon, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. wlyon

    wlyon Guest

    I found the finger leather frag from frag fest flying around my tank yesterday unglued from the plug. I got some superglue dried it and the rock off, and glued it down with a lot more superglue. Today I looked and half of it has already come off and is barely attached.

    Should I move it to a low flow area of my tank till it grows a bit more, or try a different method of attachment?
  2. jason71832

    jason71832 Guest

    Absolutely move it to low flow. If you don't have any wedding veil due what Sam suggested. Get a plastic dixie cup and put a few pieces of rubble in the bottom or line the bottom with some broken up frag plugs etc. then submerge the cup in your tank and set it upright in the sandbed. Your leather will lay on the rock (still getting light from the top of the cup) and it will adhere itself to one of the pieces. You can then place it in your rockwork and all should be good.
  3. austinl01

    austinl01 Guest

    William, don't feel bad. Mine has been floating around my tank too. I didn't glue it to anything, but I stuck it in a hole on my live rock. I suppose it wasn't happy there so it decided to move! I couldn't get it to stay anywhere until I squeezed it in a smaller hole in my rock and put a small piece of rubble to really hold it in tight.
  4. wlyon

    wlyon Guest

    Ok, so the cup is basically a wall to stop the flow from hitting the frag, thanks a lot.
  5. grimmett

    grimmett Tang

    You might have to leave the leather in the cup for about one to two weeks until it gets attached to some sand or gravel. Then you can glue it to just about anything. Try to put a piece of rock or something over the end of the frag to hold it still so it can attach a little faster.

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