June Meeting Minutes

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    June 2016 meeting Minutes
    Location: David & Leslie Haminton's House

    Attendees: David Martin (Vice-President), Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasure), David & Heather Hicks, John Carroll, Sandra Hicks (guest), Bohdan Revak, Aaron Porterfield, Adam Golden, Linda Hendricson, Molli , Jason Todd, and a few other's that didn't sign in.

    Old Business:

    No Old Business.

    New Business:
    1. Brought to the attention of the club that David Petit (president) would be leaving the club due to personal issues.
    2. Brought to the attention of the club that Kevin at Paradise Pets had brought in a new coral supplier Reef Geni.
    3. Discussed how to host pictures to the website. Do we needed to purchase a hard drive or continue to use a host site.
    4. Informed members that tapatalk no longer works with the new website.
    5. Fix the street address on the Fish Tanks banner.
    6. encourage board members to update their page on the website.
    7. Talked about the new fish store in Mountain Home.

    Corals for the month were an Acro and birdsnest.

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