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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Wayne King, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Wayne King

    Wayne King Plankton

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Wayne King and my wife is Annette King or as everyone usually calls her "Netty". We started A&W Corals in January 2017 on a piece of paper with a lot of ideas (mostly crazy) and officially launched A&W Corals about two months ago (October 17') .

    In the meantime (Jan 16'-Today), I spent countless hours searching for reputable sources and communicating with vendors across the United States to source only the absolute BEST corals in the industry today!

    We specialize in high end mushroom corals, zoas, blastos and acans. What I mean by "specialize", is that we actually grow everything you purchase. One of our crazy ideas was to stop sourcing wild corals and only sell aquacultured (tank grown) corals.

    Netty and I are both Air Force Vets and remained in Cabot, Arkansas after our service to our great nation was complete. We are a blended family with five wonderful children and hope to earn your future business and support!

    We are on Facebook

    Our website is www.awcorals.com
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  2. Hey guys thanks for the introduction post!
    Is it possible to post some pics and prices here the forum?
  3. Wayne King

    Wayne King Plankton

    Will do SlientReefer!
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  4. xystic

    xystic Blenny

    I saw your jawbreaker and it's very pretty. I have one myself of the mike paletti strain which has far less if any red at times. Yours contains a good amount of red. Also love your kryptonite shroom.

    I'm big into high end shrooms and zoas.

    Love acans too but just can't keep them atm. Well I could but they would eat up all my RFA babies. Would love to see a tokyo tart acan. I missed one a few years back from BSA corals for about 125 a head. I haven't seen one since.

    Look forward to seeing some of your stuff.
  5. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    You a member of the official zoa and lps swap page on Facebook? Bunch of high end stuff on there.
  6. xystic

    xystic Blenny

    I don't use facebook so I wouldn't be able to partake in that group.

    I just use a lot of the vendors on Reef2reef for high end stuff.
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  7. Wayne King

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    Good morning reefers!

    First, I need to apologize to everyone since I was busy working with FedEx yesterday to get our shipping account squared away.

    Good news, we can officially ship at a great local rate!

    Bad news, we aren't shipping until after the holidays. It ensures no corals are lost or die in transit because transit times are sketchy at best.

    Thank you again for all your interest and support!

    P.S. I will being posting sale items starting today!
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  8. Botheboss

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    Y’all non Facebook users are missing out. All kinds of groups and auctions.
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  9. LJC6780

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    What is the local rate? I’m in Benton.
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  10. Wayne King

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  11. Wayne King

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    It will probably go under $20 after all the holidays
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  12. Ground is next day. I see no need for in-state overnight.
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  13. Wayne King

    Wayne King Plankton

    We are providing the same shipping services that have become the highest standard in the industry.

    A delivery before 10:30 a.m. next day is better than 3 p.m. or 8 p.m. service that is almost identicle or in some cases more expensive.

    It's the best insurance policy for everyone involved and guarantees almost 100% live delivery with almost zero DOA.

    Hope this helps and thanks for your message!

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  14. 10-13$ for ground next day delivery is the way to go in-state. Just my opinion.

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