Hand feeding a finicky Copper Band and others?!

Discussion in 'Larry's Frenzy Foods' started by ReefFrenzy, Jul 23, 2014.

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    We receive many videos and submissions of folks feeding their fish our foods but this one deserved a share. We know sometimes Copper Bands and other fish can be finicky eaters. Well one customer of ours shared a video where he hands feeds his tank our foods while they are barely even thawed. If LRS generates this kind of feeding response when still frozen you can imagine what it does when thawed out! The unmatched freshness of LRS foods combined with the immunity boosting and pigmentation enhancing benefits of the beta carotene and probiotic additives makes for a frozen food with no equal.

    Enjoy the video and if you are going to MACNA stop by our booth to see even more videos playing in our new multi-media booth.



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