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  1. fishermann

    fishermann Guest

    I went over and met Norman yesterday and we talked for several hours. He has a first class frag tank setup started, not to mention a big fish only tank. Thanks Norman
  2. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Thanks for the nice comments. I have tried to have the best for this frag system and when the calcium reactor is done I think I should be able to grow all the frags I need.
  3. Normans frag tanks proved invaluable for our workshop where we were able to produce and store about 100 frags for the event. If you are in Conway give him a call they are really worth taking the time to see.
  4. Maybe Norman will learn how to post pictures one of these days and we can see why he should be reefer of the year. [​IMG]
  5. edman

    edman Guest

    So Norman, what all types of frags do you have. I looking to start adding to my collection, esp. SPS's. Pics would be nice!
  6. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Still got lots of frags and have decided to have a $5.00 to $10.00 week starting today through next Sunday. I need some room for new and better things. Pics of my frag tanks are on the video under Aquarist of the year 2009, and I have most of what is in the video. Will try to get some pics up but it's still mostly what you see there. Give me a call and stop by, you won't be disappointed.
  7. edman

    edman Guest

    I may try to get to you this weekend.  I'll let ya know closer to weekend so we can decide on time.
    Hope to se ya soon!
  8. terancevan88

    terancevan88 Blenny

    where is that video i cant find it?
  9. monkeybone87

    monkeybone87 Administrator Staff Member


    Here's the link, video really doesn't do the tanks justice though, you should go and see them in person if you have the opportunity.
  10. jsharum

    jsharum Guest

    norman the wife is asking for more colorful stuff for the tank.  Not sure what that really means...shes says theres too much green in there.  Sooo can you save me some pieces and bring them to the mtg is you plan to attend at my house?
  11. edman

    edman Guest

    I went to Norman's today, and WOW,  what a set-up. I left with alot of good stuff. He hooked me up.  I really injoyed our visit. Norman is very nice and informative. 
    Thanks Norman--I'll Be Back!
  12. gregnlr

    gregnlr Grouper

    I agree, Norman has it going on, loved the Frag Tanks and of course left with more knowledged and some sweet frags; not to mention he is a super nice guy.
  13. fisher12

    fisher12 Past BOD Director

    Thanks for the nice comments. I enjoy doing this more than anyone can imigine. Hopefully my frag system will improve once I make the move to my new fish room. Should break ground on the new house in a couple weeks. Been a long time coming and look forward to everyone visiting when I get moved. Still in Conway, bout 3 miles from here.
  14. Cool - congrats !!!  Be sure to post us some pics too !

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