February 2017 minutes

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    February 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: Bo Revak, Benton AR

    Attendees: David Martin (membership Director), Bo Revak (Director at Large), David Harrington (Vice President), Leslie Harrington, Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Jason Todd (Treasurer), John Carroll (President), David and Heather Hicks, Natalie Madison, Josh Paul, Molli K., Justin Jordon, Adam Golden, Rick Worrell, David Helton, Jim Grant, Aaron Porterfield, June Bennett, Jerry and Margaret Dentoo, Ali Ahuad and Rickey Burroughs

    Old Business:

    New Business:
    1. Discussed the next Event. Will be held at Paradise Pets, April 22nd. Need to confirm with Kevin the date. The next event will be at the Fish Tank in June and then November at the Fish Tank.
    2. Discussed when we're going to set up the next group buy. Jason was to work on that.
    3. Talked about road tripping the May meeting to Coral for Charity.

    Coral for the event: Choice of a green or pink Acro.

    Next month's meeting: Aaron Porterfield, Lonoke, AR
    April Meeting, EVENT!!!! Frag Fest, Paradise Pets, Benton, AR
    May Meeting, road trip to Oklahoma for Coral's for Charity.

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