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Discussion in 'Marine Fish' started by Botheboss, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Botheboss

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    so I have been trying to qt fish and after they are done in qt I put them in my 46 bow front. Just to feed them and get them ready for the 180. I have a foxface, leopard wrasse and a ccb in the 46 that have completed qt. They have been in there for a while because I’ve been thinking about qting the fish in the display. So far I’ve qted 2 tangs and put them in the 46 only to find them dead the next day. I’m 99% sure the foxface has gone rouge and is literally killing the tangs. I noticed that he was swimming around they tang flicking his spines as rabbit fish normally do but it seemed to subside after a few minutes. I’ve never even herd of rabbits doing this. Normally very peaceful in my experience. I think he is going back to the tank lol
  2. Botheboss

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    Any of y’all have similar experience?
  3. huntindoc

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    Never owned a foxface, but I am a little surprised by that too. I would think the problem could be the confined space of the 46. Lots of wrasses won't get along in a small tank but will be fine in a 6 foot tank like the 180. Be interested to see if they are all in the 180 if it works.

    You could use my acclimation box to watch for aggression and let it wear down before releasing.
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  4. That sucks!
    I've had two Foxface over the years and they flash there spines as a warning often. I've never seen them use them though, meaning physical contact.
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    I’m actually making and acclimating box out of acrylic sheet. I thought that too about space but I’m not sure I want to risk it in the 180. I know for sure the powder blue will show him who is in charge and that would most likely be fatal.
  6. Botheboss

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    I’ve had a couple as well and loved there personalities. It almost like they bouncearound flicking there spines. But this guy would swim underneath the fish and be flicking them and swim at the fish with them extended. Him and the cbb are best friends though. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. He is kinda small I think maybe he’s just scared.
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    My magnificent foxface is crazy. I come home late from work, and if I turn on a light, he stays schizo for a couple of days, like jumping out of the water and hitting the lid, and swimming erratically all over the tank. They are peaceful fish, but scared very easily. Mine gets along with my yellow tang, but I think I could see the foxface being evil if it had to be.
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