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Discussion in 'Director at Large' started by fisher12, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. fisher12

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    I am currently conducting a search for a speaker for our Reef Splash event at Paradise Pets this year. If you have any suggestions on who you would like to hear speak, or a specific topic you would like presented, please post here.
    We are going to apply for the MASNA Speaks program where MASNA (Marine Aquarium Society of North America) pays up to $300 in speaker expenses. We need your suggestions ASAP so I can present this for approval at the next meeting.
  2. jason71832

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    I think it would be neat to see Mark Levenson. I can remember seeing "Melevs Reef" 7 or 8 years ago online. Be neat to meet him and listen to him explain just general fundamentals. I think there are some of these that even the most experienced reefer overlooks. My other suggestion is someone covering the topic of reef nutrition for both fish and inverts, finicky and veracious. Maybe even touch on supplements for better coral growth and coloration as well. That's my $.02
  3. Don't know if it would be possible, but would love to hear Randy Holmes Farley speak. Is there any list of speakers we can choose from - great idea Norman !
  4. ljinks

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    how bout a T5 Vs MH speaker....

    would love to hear someone important's thoughts about why T5 work just as good

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