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    so I got a Dremel a while back to cut through a storage building lock that we'd lost the key to. Anyway, I've since used it on a couple of small projects here and there but recently was thinking how I could do some fragging without a large special saw. I have a circular saw, jig saw, sawzall (for fragging the reef of course!) and the Dremel! It's got some of those disc blades and I was wondering if there was a specific one that might work for fragging. Specifically for fragging branching things like hammers, torches, frogspawn, Duncans and trumpets. I've been fragging zoas by hand and actually need to get a decent tool kit to use for this but I've gotten it done so far. I would also like to frag some of the Favias and acans in the future but it will be quite a while for those. Could you also use the blade to cut some rock under a mushroom?? I don't have any snips (that haven't been used in the tool box and most likely gross and greasy) so I was thinking of what I could use that I already had.

    Anyway, any help or tips would be greatly appreciated! I can also bring the stuff to a meeting and see what we can come up with there ...

    Ok. Goodnight folks!

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