December 2017 meeting minutes

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    December 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: David Martin's house, Conway, AR

    Attendees: John Carroll (President), David Martin (Activities Director), Jason Todd (Treasurer), Kim Ettleman (Secretary), Bo Revak (Director at Large) Davy Seigriest, Jason Spencer, Cameron Clements, Wayne & Annette King and Molli

    Business: Officer's were elected and are as follows. John Carroll-President, Bo Ravik-Vice President, Kim Ettleman - Secretary, Jason Todd-Treasurer, Christi Jones - Activities Director, Cameron Clements - Director at Large David Martin - Membership. It was also brought to the club's attention that a go fund me page was set up for Morgan (Reef Gardner) who lost her coral business due to a fire. Morgan has supported the club before by sending corals and gift certificates to the club in the past. Also discussed the events for 2018. Tentative dates are Paradise Pets in April, Fish Tank in July, Fish Bowl in November. The idea of holding a larger event was brought up by a member and discussed.

    Annual Dirty Santa Coral Christmas party! Much fun and stealing was had at this party. This meeting is always fun.

    Coral for the month was the Acro that was purchase in July. Polyp extension was achieved, though it hadn't regained it's full color. It was decided it was healthy enough to frag.

    January 2018 meeting will be at Jason Spencer's house in Hot Springs, AR

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