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  1. ReefingInCabot

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    I have looked into controllers and without breaking the bank.

    I've looked at the Reefkeeper Lite, I like being able to have temp, pH, ORP, salinity in one unit.

    I think I'm able to use some float switches from a DIY ATO.

    I really like the price and reviews for the Jebao power heads and dosing pump so I wouldn't need controllers for those. I'm using corallife LEDs that are programmable as well.

    I like that it will control my heater...

    Does anyone have the RK and how do you like it.
  2. Brian

    Brian Blenny

  3. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    What do you want to do with a controller? If you're on a budget you could get a heater controller like Finnex with controller and spend the money elsewhere for other equipment. The one thing I depend on my controller for is protection against heater failure. The Finnex units are very dependable.

    I would never trust a controller/probe to measure salinity. A good refractometer is cheap. I don't measure ORP. pH and temp monitoring is great but pH probes need to be calibrated frequently and have a limited lifespan.

    Having said that I love my controller and it greatly improves my ability to manage my tank but I could do with out it. I wouldn't want to but I could. :D

    I'm running an Apex but I know several here run RK units and really like them.
  4. ReefingInCabot

    ReefingInCabot Plankton

    I actually have a Finnex heater and titanium heater

    A controller is not top priority, I just want to know more about them.
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  5. LJC6780

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    I have the apex too. Unlike Doc, I’m not sure I could do without mine! I mean, I keep my little tank going without one but man, it’s sooooo helpful for me in the big tank with $$$$ livestock. I’m super forgetful and the automation really keeps me on track! I love the automation and almost everything controllable from one place. I’m actually thinking about saving up for the newer Apex and some of the add-ons.

    Mine came with my tank so I can’t say it won’t break the bank ... apexes are pricey. :( Can’t speak for any other brand.

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