Bryopsis is gone! But new problem.

Discussion in 'General Reef Discussion' started by Brad M, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Brad M

    Brad M Plankton

    The reef flux has completely eradicated my Bryopsis and most of my GHA. So that is great news. I can finally see my rocks again. The down side is, now I am seeing a ton of these little things.

    I first noticed them on my branching hammer because half of it was closed up. So I took it out and dipped it and got a better look. The pictures are post dip which is why it is completely closed. I didn’t think much of the hammer not looking happy at first because the angry half was splitting heads. Not sure now that it still isn’t happy after the split. None of my other corals seem to be having issues.

    Upon further inspection of the tank. These little things are very abundant. They are primarily in the lower part of my tank and in caves and on the bottom of over hangs. I don’t see any in the direct light at the top of the tank.

    I am thinking that maybe they are hydroids. To the naked eye they look like white fuzzy Pom poms. I got a couple blurry pics zoomed in.


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  2. huntindoc

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    It's hard to tell from the pictures. It certainly could be hydroids. Can you try again on the pictures under white lights? The blues make it difficult to tell much.

    Congrats on getting the bryopsis and GHA under control! I've been waiting to hear from someone who used Fluconazole about how it worked for them.
  3. Brad M

    Brad M Plankton

    Sorry for the delay. Here are some better pictures. These things are tiny and hard to get a good picture of. The ones in the caves and under overhangs are more brown in color and much more numerous to the point where my caves appear fuzzy. The ones sprouting up where they are exposed to light are white. They are growing everywhere high flow/low flow and high light and very low light.

    My best guess is the Bryopsis kept them from growing where the light was because it choked everything out. But now it is gone these things are exploding in population.

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  4. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Great photos! Definitely hydroids. Most of the time they will go away on their own. They can irritate corals.

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