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Discussion in 'Marine Fish' started by Brad M, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Brad M

    Brad M Plankton

    i have a 150g 48 inch long tank. It has been up and running since early December. I added the first fish in early February. I currently have 2 clown fish, 1 lawnmower blenny, 1 firefish, 1 yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp.

    Due to a mixup in my order with Reef cleaners I now have a lot more hermits than expected. My CUC, hermits, and conchs are keeping my tank picked clean. To the point where I am afraid my lawnmower blenny is stealing too much meaty food from my other fish.

    I have started trying to feed more algae as well as feed more in general so he has more to graze on.

    What would be a good next couple of fish to add to increase bioload to drive some more algae growth? Eventually I want a foxface and a couple tangs. But I don’t want to add more algae grazers yet who might out compete my blenny. I love wrasses especially the leopard wrasses, but is my tank ready for them?

  2. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Leopard wrasses are difficult to get eating but once you get them eating they don't require pods to do well. If you really want to bump your bioload a Pyramid Butterfly would be hard to beat. Beautiful reef safe fish that is a big and messy eater. I loved mine and may get another after I re-homed mine when I moved.

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  3. Brad M

    Brad M Plankton

    Those are pretty. Any concerns with getting them to eat? Or are they pretty easy?

    As far as wrasses. What other types of wrasse would you suggest? If I had my heart set on leopard wrasse, what other kinds would go well with them? Also would it be best to get a leopard and keep it alone in a QT to help with getting it eating?

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