August Meeting Minutes

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    August 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: Allan McGee house in Hot Springs, AR

    Attendees: Kim Ettleman, Jared Cook, Cameron Clements, David and Leslie Harrington, Bo Revak, Molli, Cory MaGee, Allen MaGee, Jason Todd, David Martin, Christina Jones, Corey Rose, John and Jennifer Carroll, David Hillman.

    It was nice to come back to this tank to see how much it had matured in the year. This set up is absolutely breathtaking and a marvel of engineering. If you missed this meeting you missed a great set up. Also, Cory Magee gave a demonstration on how to build a viewing box.

    September's meeting will be at Kim Ettleman's house in Benton, AR

    Coral was a variety of Acans.

    Kim/Benton, AR
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