April 2017 Meeting minutes

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    April 2017 meeting Minutes
    Location: Paradise Pets, Benton, AR

    Attendees: David Martin (membership Director), Jason Todd (Treasurer) Kim Ettleman (Secretary), John Carroll (President), David Hicks (Membership Director), Heather Hicks, Mike Tackett, Roger and Cole McGee, Will, Renee, Jim Farrt, Robin Halburt, June, Cameron Clements, Rick Worrell, Frankinswince, Molli K, Adam, Justin Jordan, David Hillman, Corey Magee, Kevin Robbins and Chrisi Jones. There were probably some that were missed on the sign-up sheet.

    FRAG FEST!!!

    There was a wonderful turn out, even though it was cold and cloudy. Food was BBQ cooked by David Hillman, the club supplied the rest of the food. Event was held on the back porch at Paradise Pets, owned by Kevin, who donated a Pico tank for the raffle. Other companies that supported our even are:

    Rod's Food
    Aqueon Products
    Live Aquaria:
    Saltwater Fish:
    Coral Magazine:
    Larrys reef services:
    Reef Nutrition
    Blue Tide Acrylics
    Bulk Reef Supply

    Coral for the event: Lepto, two different colored Acans, 2 different Fava's and several colors of zoa's. All those that attended the workshop received 3 corals of their choice.

    May Meeting, road trip to Oklahoma for Coral's for Charity.

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