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    Bo Revak

    Bo, is originally from Tampa bay Florida. He grew up less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. Bo's love affair with water and marine animals started early. He spent his childhood fishing, snorkeling, spear fishing, lobstering, and diving. Bo had tanks when was very young which he filled with small fish he had caught with his cast net.

    Later in life he got serious about keeping a reef aquarium. In his early 20's he got started with a 40 gallon lps and softy tank. Then gradually worked up to a 75 gallon mixed reef with sps and lps. After a few years of enjoying his 75 he got a job that required him to travel around Florida for work. He decided to downsize do to lack of time for his favorite hobby. Bo set up a 20 gallon tank and only kept his favorite fish out of his 75, a marine beta, mystery wrasse, and a yellow strip maroon that he had from the very beginning.

    Bo then started working out of the state but he didn't have time for his hobbies. He was sent to Arkansas to build precast buildings where he met his wife. Bo later moved to Benton Arkansas. He is happily married to his beautiful wife and has a little girl that's four months old. After settling down he decided to go back to his roots and get a 40 gallon sps and lps tank. He also now has a 10 gallon IM lps and softy tank and is looking to upgrade to his dream of a big sps tank.

    Bo's favorite fish- Bartlett or mystery wrasse
    Bo's favorite coral- WD Tenuis
    Bo's favorite invertebrate- cleaner shrimp
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