40 gallon breeder build?

Discussion in 'New Tank Builds' started by Brad B, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Brad B

    Brad B Copepod

    Haha, Yes, you should start selling it off and then you could just see patients whenever you wanted. LOL.

    I know this might catch some controversy, but.... I picked up a coral beauty. I researched it and a lot of people have kept them in similar sized tanks to mine. They said that as long as they have adequate hiding spaces and rock to feed off of they will do great. It is doing fantastic. He does seem to hang out in the back of the tank, which I guess is fine, but I would like to see him more. Any tips on getting fish to migrate more towards the front of the tank. If that's where it wants to be I guess I can't really argue. It sure is a pretty fish though and I've heard they are easier to take care of than Flame angels. I got a huge thing of Zoas too yesterday and found out that a clam was on the rock as well.

    I agree about GSP being nice if controlled. I want to put them on the back wall had have that look. Hopefully, I can make that happen.
  2. Brad B

    Brad B Copepod

    Also, the anemone moved and seems to like this spot even more. It put itself in the sandbed/ wedged under a rock. (Can't see his foot anymore, haha)
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  3. huntindoc

    huntindoc RRMAS BOD Membership Director Staff Member

    Be careful about anecdotal accounts that go against the grain. I've found it's really easy for me to take those to heart and mess up. Made a couple of serious stocking mistakes doing that.

    Coral Beauties are among the safest of the dwarf angels. The things that are most likely to be at risk are meaty LPS, zoas. Flame Backs also fall in to that category. Mine was a model citizen for 8 months, then developed a taste for acans, and then zoas.

    The article in Reef Central that polled angel owners showed 74 out of 84 (88%) of Coral Beauty to be reef safe so the odds are on your side. Just be watchful, Flamebacks were 13 out of 14 for 92%....and I still drew a short straw. Gave that devil to Greg who gave him to someone else (can't remember who) and he ate coral in every tank. LOL
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  4. LJC6780

    LJC6780 Grouper

    Yeah, I have one that hasn't eaten my corals and everyone tells me how lucky I am, so definitely be watchful!

    Mine likes to hang with the 6-line wrasse and bebop around the tank. But since it's been the lone fish it has spent a lot of time in the back in a cave or picking at algae off the back wall since I don't scrape it. Maybe it will be more active with another fish in the tank?
  5. Brian

    Brian RRMAS Supporter

    Don't get to attached to where ever you put the anemone. Mine has moved the entire length of the tank twice before it finally settled on the rock it is on now. Even now, it will still move up and down the rock depending on it's mood for the day I think. It usually moves at night, so I think it is looking for more light, but I really have no idea why it picks where it wants to be. It's clown fish just follows it around, it doesn't seem to mind that it is in the process of moving.
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  6. Brian

    Brian RRMAS Supporter

    My coral beauty is very curious. If I stand in front of the tank, he will come out and look at me to see what I am doing. Sometimes he will eat with the other fish, most of the time he would rather just go pick at the rocks though. He will not go to the side of the tank where most of the invertebrates hang out, he prefers the 250 watt versus the 150 watt bulb, maybe he just likes to soak up the sun and work on his tan.
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  7. Brad B

    Brad B Copepod

    Just found a protein skimmer on craigslist for $55. Picking it up today. Its a Reef Octopus 110 so pretty good deal in my opinion
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  8. Brad B

    Brad B Copepod

    Hello all,

    I am most likely going to sell my setup soon. I am looking to move in the not so distant future and am probably just going to break it down and sell everything. I figured I would post here before putting it on the for sale page.
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  9. Botheboss

    Botheboss Director-At Large

    Dang you just started that thing!
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  10. LJC6780

    LJC6780 Grouper

    That’s what I was thinking!
  11. Brad B

    Brad B Copepod

    I know, I know.
    Just with the probable move and everything that looks to be coming up in the future I just wont have time to keep it up/ will have so much going on. Its sad, but just part of this stage of life.
  12. LJC6780

    LJC6780 Grouper

    Let someone tank sit? You put a lot into that tank ... we need an updated FTS too.

    I know you got a lot donated ... how much are you selling it for?
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